I live in-between.

( )

In-between moments, stitched together so tightly

I can’t breathe, and urgencies

strung together like turquoise beads

fashioned by hands older than time;

in-between pages,

words on pages,

letters on words on pages; in-between

neither one thing or the other. I live

in-between doorways,

portals, gateways, stained-glass windowpanes,

the decision to go, or maybe, to stay

inside or out, it’s all the same, one way or another.

I live

in-between silence and sound,

light and dark, sky and sea, open

& closed

twelve/thirteen. There are

a thousand faces in-between

me and my true self. I see them all

strung together like amethyst beads

fashioned by hands older than time;


everything and nothing, rhythm/rhyme,

there is

( )

I live in-between.

*liminal was published in Anthem Magazine 1.2 Fall Edition in December 2014*

Note from the Author:

My personal life has seen great upheaval leading to incredible transformation over the past year. In fact, while 2014 was arguably the best year I’ve ever had as far as achievements go, it was also one of the most challenging and painful, personally.

Growth and change sure are uncomfortable, aren’t they? Just ask the butterfly.

A year ago, if you’d asked, I’d have told you I didn’t like in-between places or spaces where things weren’t clearly marked and defined. I needed, if not bold black and stark white, than at least colour tabs, labels, and brightly-coloured highlighters to mark what was what, minutely detailed maps to tell me where I was. Now, I believe I’ve changed my mind.

The liminal has many hidden gifts… it just takes some time to find them.

I wish you all the gift of some time in-between and out of your comfort zone. May the treasures within hold the answers you seek or, at the very least, the questions. All good things.


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