Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time…

We humans devised a construct to help us keep track of cycles in a more linear fashion.

So far, it is generally accepted that time-travel is simply not possible. However, I would beg to differ, as I have personally been known to time-travel on a weekly—if not daily—basis. I would argue that time-travel is not only possible, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid. In fact, we humans love to time-travel so much we have developed highly sensitive equipment to assist us in our exploits: Memory and Imagination.

Memory and imagination, the tools of the trade; unequivocal apparatuses devised to connect us directly to the past and the future. Some of us spend so much time time-travelling, we hardly ever land in the present, but instead consistently live in the distant past, fighting old demons, or in the future, imagining a time when everything will go our way while secretly fearing it will veer in the opposite direction. We remember, regret, feel ashamed. We envision, fantasize, become preoccupied. Some of us, never content in the moment, time-travel regularly, back-and-forth between living in the shadows of the future and keeping company with ghosts of the past.

Photographs are never enough. We don’t want to look at two dimensional pictures, we want to relive moments, or touch and transform them, change them into something they were never necessarily intended to be in the first place.

If I close my eyes, I am right there.


Simultaneously suspended

in two spaces

in time.

In between the doorway to the past and the future lies a quiet room full of soft pillows, where sunlight streams in through the window like warm butter, and a cat purrs gently on my lap:

The present.

Every time I find myself here, I am reminded of just how much I love it.

If I could find a way to stay here all the time, I know I would live…

Happily ever after.

The End.

(Or is it…?)

*This post first appeared on Living the Dream blog*


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